Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Salon ~ busy, busy, busy

My life in books

Currently reading
Vinegar Girl ~ by Anne Tyler, 2016, fiction

Kate Battista feels stuck.  How did she end up running house and home for her eccentric scientist father and uppity, pretty younger sister Bunny?  Plus, she’s always in trouble at work ― her pre-school charges adore her, but their parents don’t always appreciate her unusual opinions and forthright manner.  Dr. Battista has other problems.  After years out in the academic wilderness, he is on the verge of a breakthrough.  His research could help millions.  There’s only one problem:  his brilliant young lab assistant, Pyotr, is about to be deported.  And without Pyotr, all would be lost.  When Dr. Battista cooks up an outrageous plan that will enable Pyotr to stay in the country, he’s relying ― as usual ― on Kate to help him.  Kate is furious:  this time he’s really asking too much.  But will she be able to resist the two men’s touchingly ludicrous campaign to bring her around?
Completed so far in June

50.  This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class ~ by Elizabeth Warren, 2017, politics, 10/10
       From the 1930s through the 1970s, America deliberately invested in opportunity.  The government worked hard to expand chances for millions of people:  the chance for children to get a good education, the chance for workers to build economic security, and the chance for seniors to retire with dignity.
       And here's the best part:  this dynamic investment in the future worked.  We made it work for all of us, not just those at the top.
       It wasn't perfect, but for almost half a century, incomes in our country grew across the board.  (p. 105).
51.  Flora ~ by Gail Godwin, 2013, fiction (North Carolina), 9/10
"There are things we can't undo, but perhaps there is a kind of constructive remorse that could transform regrettable acts into something of service to life" (p. 1).

"When did remorse fall into disfavor?  It was sometime during the second half of my life" (p. 152).
52.  The Forgotten Seamstress ~ by Liz Trenow, 2014, fiction (Britain), 10/10
"I've stitched my love into this quilt,
sewn it neatly, proud and true.
Though you have gone, I must live on,
and this will hold me close to you" (loc. 362).
53.  The Cape Ann ~ by Faith Sullivan, 1988, 2010, fiction (Minnesota), 8/10
"Sister never congratulated us.  Why would one make a fuss over a child learning that which was needed in order to be spared the tortures of hell, torments so heinous they could only be devised by a God of infinite ingenuity and love?" (p. 28).

"Whatever they tell you, deep thinker, God loves us all.  Me, you, and your aunt's baby."  Wouldn't it be lovely if God was that simple?  (p. 202).
54.  Leave Me ~ by Gayle Forman, 2016, fiction (Pennsylvania), 9/10
"Maribeth Klein was working late, waiting to sign off on the final page proofs of the December issue, when she had a heart attack" (p. 3).
My life outside books

Exercise report
Donna and I have decided to exercise together, rather than try to keep up with the groups that are too energetic, for me at least.  I found Balance Exercises for Seniors online which aim to "strengthen your foundation to avoid a fall."  It makes sense to me and includes ten balance exercises:  heel-to-toe walk, stand on one foot, weight shift, leg raise walk, side leg raise, back leg raise, heel raise, chair stand, side step, and balance with closed eyes.  These are done with a sturdy chair nearby to hold onto, while developing better core strength.
The insert in the clear cover of my handy-dandy notebook shows a woman with an exercise weight in one hand and a plate of food in the other (see above).  Below that I've added:  Exercise and Eat Right.  I'm still working on the DASH Diet, which is partly about colorful meals, like the one here that Donna made a couple of weeks ago.  I need to get back to planning meals better, tracking my exercise, and recording things like my blood pressure and weight.  That really does help me keep up the good habits.  By the way, I joined the DASH Diet group on Facebook to see what others do and to get good ideas.
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June is rather minimalist, though people have added other bits over these first couple of weeks, rearranging the pages each time.
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Helen's Book Blog said...

I do like Elizabeth Warren; she is so smart and forthright. And, just right (as in correct). I don't usually read biographies, but maybe I"ll pick this one up. I've just begun my training for the AVON breast cancer walk and it feels good to walk more.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Helen, Elizabeth Warren's book is NOT a biography. Notice I categorized it as "politics" because the book is about the fight and why it's OUR fight. I think you'd like the book.

Clare Dudman said...

I love Anne Tyler's work - and that review you've written is really enticing. Thanks for the Heads Up!