Tuesday, November 1, 2016

TWOsday ~ relieving stress two ways today

Exercising and meditating
I spent an hour exercising yesterday, as planned (MWF), and felt good afterwards.  Today's been super-busy, so I guess it's time to do my Tuesday meditating (TThS).  I plan to spend an hour practicing the piano in a bit, when there's no one in the big room downstairs that has a piano in it.  Playing the piano is relaxing for me and puts me in a good mood.
Computer maintenance
I was stressed about what it would cost to fix my computer.  Weeks ago, I spilled water into my laptop and actually poured it back out.  Yes, you heard right (read right?).  It dried out, and it worked, though slowly.  Dean, the repairman, said I was lucky.  He blew out all the dust that had collected since I got the laptop in 2011 and replaced the battery, which apparently had shorted out when it got wet.  I had been half afraid that I'd have to replace the whole thing, and my stress level went down considerably when he was able to delete a lot of programs I never use that were slowing down the computer.  It's (almost) like having a new laptop.

As for the cat?  Hmm, well, Clawdia can be peaceful and calm like in this photo, or she can raise my stress level by standing between me and the computer screen when I'm in a hurry to do something.  So it depends.

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