Monday, November 7, 2016

Trouble breathing

Shiloh Mae is having trouble breathing.
Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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Bonnie Jacobs said...

Update on Shiloh, from her mother: "She had a rough evening/night. She had a collapsed lung due to the free air that has been leaking out of her lungs. They inserted a chest tube and the lung was able to expand back out. She's still breathing fast but it's no longer a struggle. She's on antibiotics as a precaution but her labs aren't showing any infections. So now we are just waiting on her lungs to start working like they should. She just has immature lungs and they need more time."

So far on Facebook:

Joy: I hope this clears up quickly.
June: Sending out love...
Sandy R: Prayers and thoughts going out to ur family for this precious new addition
Alyssa: prayers and thoughts for Shiloh and her family. May she have a complete recovery
Bonnie M: Praying for her and her family.
Harry (Friends with Wes and 1 other): Our Boys were placed in feet up tilted bassinets for a while to help clear their passageways
My reply to Harry: Thanks. She's still in NICU.
Judithand Freddrick: Praying with your family.
Rosie: Prayers are powerful & healing......
Madge: Healing light for baby Shiloh.
Tricia: I'm sorry to hear this. Sending up prayers for Shiloh Mae.
Donna M. Carey: Love is coming your way, Shiloh. Hang in there, precious one.
Wendy: Oh Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear this. Keeping you and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.
Karen (Friends with Sandy R, Betty, and Sandy M): Healing blessings for the babe.
Sheryn: Praying!
Toni: Asking our Heavenly Father to hold Shiloh in His tender and healing hands ...........................................amen
Gloria (Friends with Toni): Prayers for your great grandbaby and family.
Jeanette: We hold her in sacred space for breathing perfectly and complete circulation of every cell. Love to each breath and heartbeat.
Jae Tea: Blessings on wing
Bonnie Jacobs: Whitney and Kendall and Sharon and David and Barbara, I hope each of you is seeing this great group of friends praying for Shiloh.