Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stressed out

Stress: The Good and the Bad ~ by Paula Ceccaldi, Agnès Diricq, and Clémentine Bagieu, 2001, health
Five sections:
* FACT ~ Facts, figures, and quotes.
* DISCOVER ~ A short history of stress and what it does to your body.
* LOOK ~ Calming images for tense moments.
* IN PRACTICE ~ Coping with stress using relaxation techniques and therapies.
* FIND OUT ~ A stress-level assessment, anti-stress golden rules, and useful web sites.
I bought this book on sale almost two weeks ago, but I really must have needed it.  I felt the stress on Sunday, though I didn't realize that's what it was, when I cried for almost an hour after the last pieces of a puzzle fell into place.  My eyes were puffy and red the next morning.  Then I blogged.  I'm aware that I use words to get things out of my system, either by talking or by writing.  So I wrote about mindfulness to lower stress and meditation to reduce stress on Monday.  I wrote about relieving stress two ways and being stressed about computer repairs on Tuesday.  Only today did I make the connection between feeling stressed out and this book I haven't thought about since the day I got it.  I guess I'll just have to read it, huh?

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