Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free book for Kindle (Nov 28-30)

The Not So Perfect Heroine ~ by Gloria Atcheson, 2014, fiction (Tennessee)
Elizabeth seems to have her life together.  She is married to a great guy, has two wonderful children, and appears to be happy and content. But, the truth of the matter is, most days, she doesn’t even get dressed.  Her house is a disaster zone filled with clutter and trash, and she is living in complete and utter chaos — you know, the kind that keeps you from ever inviting anyone over.  But Elizabeth finds hope one day, when she stumbles across an intriguing post on Facebook.  She discovers that “FlyLady” is coming to her town and decides to investigate the topic.  Slowly but surely, she learns about the FlyLady system for overcoming clutter and chaos in the home — though implementing it in her own life proves quite a challenge.  As she learns the ropes, however, she is faced with various difficulties that make it nearly impossible to continue her journey out of chaos.  You’ll be inspired as you watch Elizabeth emerge with newfound skill, organization, and comfort — because, if a not-so-perfect heroine can do it, so can you!
Gloria Johnson Atcheson, the author, posted this on Facebook yesterday:
"Happy Black Friday.  I wanted to run a special today but unfortunately it won't start till tomorrow.  Nov 28-30 The Not So Perfect Heroine will be free for the kindle. Spread the word.  Have a great time reading and Happy Holidays!!"
I was surprised to find on the very first page that "her town" in the novel is Chattanooga, my hometown.  The story looks interesting, so I downloaded it for my Kindle.  Who else is downloading it?

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