Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two book clubs ~ or more?

I'm already in two book clubs, one with the other seniors where I live and one made up of women from my church.  Yesterday, a neighbor handed me an invitation to another one:  a book club that meets at a book store.
Book Club Launch Party — Wednesday, January 28th, 7:00pm.  Come join the party and meet other like-minded readers, sign up for a reading group, volunteer to host, offer book suggestions.  What genres tickle your fancy?  Young adult, science fiction, banned books, philosophy, noir suspense, literature, ecology, history?  Come mingle and talk books!  The party starts at 7:00 pm, and beer, snacks, and other refreshments will be available!  Everyone is invited. Bring your friends!

My question to you is:
How many book clubs
is too many?


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Besides the two I'm already in and the neighbor's invitation to a book club (at Book House), today I got an email inviting me to a choice of book discussion groups at another bookstore (Left Bank Books). There's one book that really interests me in this latest invitation, and I've already put the book on hold at my library. I guess my question now is whether to hold it at three or go for four book club meetings every month.

Emily said...

What a great situation to be in! There are so many books to read and so many other readers to meet, that I think as long as you are willing to read the books you can be in as many as you want. Book clubs are about reading books and discussing them with other readers of that same book. Take each month as it comes and read what interests you.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

On the front of the notebook where I keep track of all my book club stuff is a cartoon showing a woman leaving a book discussion. She has a briefcase (full of books?) in one hand. The other hand holds a phone to her ear as she says, "I belong to so many book clubs, I no longer have time to read!"