Thursday, December 4, 2014

TBT ~ one of Kiki's posts

I used to walk on Bonnie's desk, back when I first moved in with her.  Kinda like this cat on Hemingway's desk.  Bonnie doesn't have a nice clean desk like this, though.  She has papers on her desk.  I would cross the desk between the twin beds, occasionally taking time to nudge a pile of papers onto the floor.  That accomplished two things:
1.  It was fun to watch paper flutter to the ground.
2.  It always got Bonnie's attention, no matter how busy she was.
2-1/2.  It always got Bonnie's attention, even when she was asleep on one of those beds.
It did NOT always convince her to get up and feed me, so now I don't bother.  Besides, those papers are piled too high to walk on now.  If I tried, I'd slide off the desk and have to scramble to land on my feet.

I'd rather take a nap.

Kiki Cat, signing off

Footnote from Bonnie:  Some of you may remember that my cat used to help me blog and review books.  This is from Kiki's notes that I found under the green chair after she died.  It may have been among her earliest musings, since that "desk between the beds" thing happened back in 2001 shortly after my friend Carol thought I needed a cat and 13-month-old Kiki came home with me.

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