Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Salon ~ voting and reading

I voted this week, thus making me a full-fledged Missourian, I suppose.  No, not "today," kitty cat.  I voted on Tuesday.

Early yesterday morning, like at 6:30am, I opened the blinds to discover my world had shrunk.  Fog blocked my usual view of tall office buildings about a mile southeast of me, and I saw only as far as where my street curved left into the dense trees about a block away.  Would I fall off the edge of the world if I drove a tenth of a mile?  The thought made me smile.


Books keep arriving at my house.  Friday I went to the apartment of a new friend to talk and came home with the 622-page Volume One of A Course in Miracles.  I'll skim it before returning it, but there's no way I have time to read this book right now.  I'd rather finish reading St. Louis: Yesterday and Today by Betty Burnett, or When Children Ask About God by Harold S. Kushner, or The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown, or Rich in Love by Josephine Humphreys, the paperback novel I found in one of the boxes I unpacked this week.

Whole: A Call to Unity in Our Fragmented World ~ by Sharon Watkins, 2014
In her hope-filled new book, Sharon Watkins, the General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and moderator-elect of the National Council of Churches, shares her vision of how the good news of Jesus calls American Christians to unite around justice, mercy, and openness in the 21st century.
Sharon Watkins is the one who "preached to the President" at the National Prayer Service on January 21, 2009, on the day following the first inauguration of Barack Obama.  Donna, my friend who lives two floors below me in my apartment building, brought this book to dinner one evening.  She had received it in the mail earlier in the day, had already zipped through the whole thing, and knew I'd want to read it.  So far, I've read only the first of the six chapters.


My youngest grandchild started high school on the day my oldest great-grandchild started kindergarten.  One of my daughters pointed out that they both had an over-one-shoulder ponytail, and they were both happy to start school.

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