Friday, August 8, 2014

Beginning ~ with a family betrayal

Rich in Love ~ by Josephine Humphreys, 1987, fiction
On an afternoon two years ago my life veered from its day-in day-out course and became for a short while the kind of life than can be told as a story — that is, one in which events appear to have meaning.  Before, there had been nothing worth telling the world.  We had our irregularities; but every family has something or other out of whack.  We had my mother's absent-mindedness, my sister's abnormal beauty, my father's innocence; and I was not without oddities of my own.  We were characters, my friend Wayne said.  But nothing about us was story material.

Until the day, May 10, when one of us betrayed the rest and set off a series of events worth telling.
From the back cover:
At the age of seventeen, Lucille Odom finds herself in the middle of an unexpected domestic crisis. As she helps guide her family through its discontent, Lucille discovers in herself a woman rich in wisdom, rich in humor, and rich in love.
Okay, what's going on in this family? Yes, I want to know and will keep reading. The book isn't new, so if you've read it, tell me in the comments whether or not you liked it.

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Katherine P said...

I definitely want to know more! Good beginning. Hope you enjoy it!

Elizabeth said...

Definitely want to know what is going on too.

Sounds as if this will be a good read.

Will be looking for your review.

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