Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Salon ~ dinner party

Ooooooooooooo!  I could get excited about a social gathering like this!  (Found on the Facebook page for Vintage Books and Anchor Books.)  Put on your thinking cap, and imagine with me for a moment.  If we could arrange such an event, what book would you wrap to exchange?  Maybe even more fun, tell us in the comments WHY you picked that book.  What's special about it?  Is it one you recently read?  Is it a long-time favorite?  Or is it simply a book you want to get rid of?  What do you suppose the original "book plate" design looked like?  Does it simply say who it's from?  Or something different?  What a fantastic idea!


Bookstores are dangerous, even when I'm there to trade used books and have less to pack for my move to St. Louis.  I came home this week with these I got with trade credit:
  • A Brief Guide to Ideas ~ by William Raeper and Linda Edwards, 1997
  • Who Is Jesus? : Answers to Your Questions about the Historical Jesus ~ by John Dominic Crossan, 1996
These two in excellent shape were both from the free bin!
  • Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis ~ by Jimmy Carter, 2005
  • Dreams and Dreaming ~ by the Editors of Time-Life Books, 1990
Bloggers gather in the Sunday Salon — at separate computers in different time zones — to talk about our lives and our reading.


Laura @ The Shabby Rabbit said...

I did this! I even made the little invites like that. Started (a now dormant) book club ~ Pink Drinks On A Thursday Night. Started out with a book exchange. It was awesome to see what everyone brought and then why they brought it.

I gave a copy of The Stand by Stephen King. it changed my reading forever. I still adore and mostly read literary, but when it's time to read for sheer pleasure... post-apocalyptic or and King does it said...

I think I would take a book by an author I've read on my world literature reading list - and in doing hopefully bring them some more visibility. I'm thinking in particular of Evelio Rosero Diago from Colombia who wrote The Armies or Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o from Kenya who wrote Petals of Blood

Bonnie Jacobs said...

How fun, Laura, that you've actually done something like this. Pink Drinks on a Thursday Night is an innovative name for a book club.

Booker, I also like reading books that take me around the world. I don't have books about Colombia or Kenya on my "world tour" yet, so I'll look up these two you've mentioned. By naming them here, you have given them "some more visibility." Thank you.

Joy said...

Fun! I'd wrap up The Illustrated Longitude by Dava Sobel -- a coffee table book with a great story.

Joy's Book Blog

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Joy, I looked up The Illustrated Longitude by Dava Sobel, and now I want to read it. Do you have a copy in your library? If you do, I may have to come by and look at the illustrations next month, after I move to St. Louis. My library here has two discs about the book that alternate between "real-life 18th century clockmaker John Harrison, whose invention of a marine chronometer would ultimately serve as the primary navigational guide for sailors of his era and a post-WWI Royal Navy officer ... [who] battles bureaucracy and ignorance to reinstate Harrison's longitudinal clocks for modern-day Naval use."