Thursday, May 15, 2014

BTT (#43) ~ time

Elisabeth and Jurgen
Today's Booking Through Thursday from Deb is short and sweet:
"If you had all the time in the world, what would you read?"
The first thing that comes to mind, as I sit amid books and books and books that I'm sorting out before moving, is the 31 books by and about Jurgen Moltmann that I have.  I'd finally get around to reading what he had been writing for decades, studying and comparing his early thoughts and his later understandings.  On the day I left seminary, I went to the bookstore and bought another of his books, even though I had already completed everything required to graduate with my MDiv (Master of Divinity).  Something about what this theologian said really spoke to me, though I don't agree with everything he's ever written.  Far from it.  I'd just like to know him better.  And his wife, Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel.  She is also an inspiring theologian, and I especially like a book they wrote together ~ God: His and Hers (1991).  Here's a list of books by Jurgen Moltmann in English.  I own most of them, plus books others have written about his theology.

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