Thursday, January 30, 2014

BTT (#40) ~ multi-tasking

Deb @ Booking Through Thursday asks:
"Do you do other things while you read?  Watch TV?  Cook?  Brush your teeth?  Knit?  (For the record, I’m guilty of all of the above.)  Or is it a quicker question to ask when you DON’T read?  (Please tell me you don’t read while you’re driving.)"
I apparently don't read like other book bloggers.  I guess it's possible to read a novel while doing these other things, but — as I say under my profile photo on the sidebar — "I read to explore ideas."  Do I do other things while reading?  Yes.
I underline important points in the book.
I look up what I wrote about a similar subject earlier, so...
I can connect the two thoughts.
I do sometimes read while eating (or eat while reading).
But, no, I don't read while driving.

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Anonymous said...

If I'm reading for pleasure I can--and do!-- definitely multitask, but if I'm reading something for work, then I prefer to just focus on the book or article.