Friday, January 3, 2014

Beginning ~ with a child who dies

In the Country of the Young ~ by Lisa Carey, 2000, fiction (Maine)
She was only a girl — an unwanted, invisible child, crouched within the beginning of her life — but when she died, it changed everything.
I read one of Lisa Carey's novels years ago, and I'd like to read it again.  This one is new to me, and the first sentence draws me in, making me wonder what's going on.  Making me sad that a child dies, an unwanted child at that.  I'm caught.  I want to know more.  I've been reading nonfiction, so this is my first novel of the year.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow...what an intriguing beginning.

THANKS for sharing.

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Tea norman said...

A sad life for a little girl, I've read one of Lisa Carey's novels too. Can't think of the name. It's been so long.

JC Jones said...

That beginning is sad but makes me think the death of the child was important even if she was not.

Sandra Nachlinger said...

The opening is intriguing but I think I'd have to be in the right mood to read this book. It sounds like it's probably sad.
Here's the link to my Friday post: A GOOD HOME.

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful beginning. I would love to go on!

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Samantha Clark said...

I haven't read anything by the author but that beginning definitely makes me want to find out what's happened.
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Helen's Book Blog said...

What a heartbreaking beginning! I hope 2014 begins well for you and is a fantastic year with family, friends, books and good health!

Ginnie said...

Hi Bonnie: just wanted to alert you to a brand new author, her first novel is "The Housemaid's Daughter" and the author's name is Barbara Mutch She was raised in South Africa and her book is about a black girl and her life from WWII days to the present. I enjoyed it immensely.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. Your books this week sound interesting, and I signed up for your giveaway.

Tea norman, Lisa Carey's other book, the one I read, was The Mermaids Singing from 1998. Was that what you read? I see there's a 2004 novel also ~ Love in the Asylum ~ which I've never run across.

JC Jones, I'm almost finished with the book now and, yes, that child IS very important in this novel.

Sandra Nachlinger, it isn't sad in the usual sense of the word, but the book is rather weird, with a different sort of slant.

Thanks, Ginnie. I liked what I read about The Housemaid's Daughter by Barbara Mutch and put it on hold at my library.