Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Salon ~ ruthless, rueful, and folded

Books I'm still reading

Turning to One Another ~ by Margaret J. Wheatley, 2009
Simplify Your Life ~ by Sam Davidson, 2011
America's Women ~ by Gail Collins, 2003
A New New Testament ~ edited by Hal Taussig, 2013

I learned a new word today.  That's so unusual that I want to announce it.  Madeleine Begun Kane, a humorist and song parodist who calls herself and her humor blog Mad Kane, sent out this limerick today:

Ruthless Limerick
by Madeleine Begun Kane

A dentist who’s lacking in ruth
Worships money, possessions, and youth.
In his quest for all three,
His crimes guarantee
He’ll be jailed until long in the tooth.
Ruthless means lacking in compassion, and ruth is a noun meaning compassion for another.  I wrote about ruth and rue on my word blog earlier, if you want to have a laugh or two.  Rueful?  It means "expressing sorrow or regret, especially when in a slightly humorous way."  I'm not at all rueful.

The world is divided into two kinds of people.  I would never dog-ear a book; therefore, I have a large collection of bookmarks.  What's your opinion?  Tell me in the comments, then go explore Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

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Harvee Lau said...

Bookmarks only. I've even learned how to make a bookmark out of a staple!

Jan said...

When I was much, much younger, I dogeared pages, but not now--bookmarks and loose pieces of paper for me! My greater "sin" is I like to highlight!

dollycas aka Lori said...

Hubby bends those pages, I use bookmarks and am trying hard to reform him.

Anonymous said...

Interesting word!!! I think it can be applied to many other professions and kinds of people, too ;)

I am definitely a bookmark, girl! I used to dog ear my books when I was a teen. I think as I got older and started buying my books, well I started to take care of them!! Interesting...if I'm buying, I'm taking care of it. LOL!!

What's so weird, is that I don't have many bookmarks!! I'm always so picky about the ones I get and I have 2. One I love and one given to me by an author, that I love. But, I think I definitely need more!! I tend to use business cards, pieces of paper, pictures, etc, to mark my pages! And...I do most of my reading on my ipad.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Harvee Lau, you've got me trying to figure out how well a staple would work as a bookmark.

Jan, I underline and write notes in the margins — but that's for books I use when teaching. If your highlighting is used for studying, I highly approve.

Lori, you'll need to have bookmarks in strategic places. If one isn't handy, it's easier to bend a corner, especially since that's what he's used to doing.

Books in the Burbs, if a bookmark is special, I'm less likely to use it except in special books. I need lots of bookmarks to mark places in books I'm either studying or teaching from, and those are easily lost when books are re-shelved or left behind when I'm teaching. So my stash of bookmarks are collected randomly from the library check-out desk or bookstore advertising or freebies sent with book orders.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Thanks so much for your lovely mention! I'm glad that my limericks can occasionally be educational. :)

Joy said...

I'm a librarian. I detest dogears and may have the world's largest collection of bookmarks.

Joy's Book Blog

Melissa said...

Most times I bookmark, but there is the odd time I will dog ear books and then its only books that own.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Madeleine, I've been on your limerick email list for years, so I thank YOU.

Joy, I was once a library assistant and appreciated people like...

Melissa, thanks for not bending pages in library books!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I collect boxes of bookmarks.

Vicki said...

I would never never never dog-ear a book! I always bookmark the page.

I recently cleaned out and rearranged my library, and somehow my bookmarks went missing :(
Now I have to start collecting them again!