Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Salon ~ feeling foolish

Thursday evening, I went with Jane Yelliott and her friend Tillie to an art show featuring local artists.  Here's Jane (on the right) with Linda White, a fabric artist.  Framed between them is one example of Linda's intricate needlework.  Jane and Linda are members of In-Town Gallery.  When we left the art show, Jane and Tillie and I went to Sweet Basil, a Thai restaurant.  I forgot to photograph our food, but I had delicious Pad Thai.

Another snapshot of the ornamental cherry tree in bloom, though the sidewalk is beginning to have as much pink as the tree.

Pink blossoms of the Japanese cherry tree are shredded underfoot.

The trees are turning green.  This field, which was underwater a few weeks ago, is beyond the tall trees in the photo above.


It's sort of nice to be reading more of my own books, rather than feeling pressured to complete library books so I can return them on time.  Okay, I admit that I picked up a handful of children's books from the library yesterday.  When I wrote about Barbara Cooney on Wednesday, I found that she considered three of her children's books to be as near as she would ever come to an autobiography.  So I checked out those three books, which you'll read about on Wednesday in my next library loot post.


It's April Fool's Day.  I think I'll be foolish today.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post Bonnie. I love that spring is here.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thanks, Madge. I imagine you have spring weather nearly all year long.

Jan said...

Such nice spring pictures. Unfortunately, our spring is almost over and we'll get interminable summer.

Helen's Book Blog said...

The blossoms are beautiful and with everything near you turning green, spring must surely be in the air. We're still looking pretty brown here in So Cal, definitely not enough rain this year