Friday, December 25, 2009

♫♪.•* Merry *•♪♫♪•* Christmas *•♫♪

My great-granddaughter Raegan (7 months old).

My youngest grandchild Cady (9 years old).

My daughter Barbara's family ~ Barbara, Cady, Bonnie, Chase, Cali. (Son-in-law Greg was working yesterday.)

My daughter Sandra's family ~ Jamey, Sandra, Bonnie, Kenzie, Raegan, Michael (Kenzie's husband). (Son-in-law Pat had left to pick up his mother.)

My son David's family ~ Brandy, David, Bonnie, Sharon. (Grandson Kendall and his wife Whitney weren't there, because he had to work yesterday.)

NOTE: I should give the ages of ALL my grandchildren: Kendall (23), Cali (22), Brandy (21), Kenzie (19), Chase (18), Jamey (16), and Cady (9).


alisonwonderland said...

What great photos! Merry Christmas, Bonnie!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Wonderful photos! Hope you had a blessed adn happy Christmas, Bonnie! x

susan said...

Love seeing your pictures.

Beth said...

Hi, Bonnie! I haven't been online much since we lost our electricity for five days at Christmas, but I did want to drop in and say Hello and wish you a Happy New Year. It's so nice to see all your family, especially that adorable little Raegan. All the best to you and your family.