Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hamper hiding

Guess who was sleeping on top of the dirty clothes in my hamper?  The closet door was open (as usual), and I noticed a tiny spot of yellow pivot to LOOK at me as I reached for a shirt hanging above the hamper.  Would you have spotted my black cat on top of the navy blue?  I almost didn't, until she looked up at me.  She is totally hidden . in . plain . sight!  She seemed to think she was in trouble, so I said, "Good girl!"  I hope she was comfy.  When I left to go to my exercise class, Clawdia was still there.  Now I wonder if that's where she's been "hidden" when I've searched for her unsuccessfully on occasion.  Hmm.

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Bonnie Jacobs said...

After I'd written this post, I went back to see if she was still there. Apparently not, so I reached over to feel whether she had made a "bed" for herself ... and touched fur! She WAS still there after all! I just couldn't see her. When I left later to run an errand, I went to tell her "Bye, Clawdia," and she was still there. When I returned home 2-1/2 hours later, she was STILL there.