Monday, May 2, 2016

Children's Book Week

Who are your favorite children's book authors?  Name one or more in the comments, and tell us what you like about them.  I have several favorites, but I'll name one in this post:  Barbara Park, who wrote the series of books about Junie B. Jones and her adventures.  Even little boys who never read "girl books" like Junie B.!

We chose "Junie B." as the literary name for a kitten we took in temporarily in the summer of 2008.  If you wonder why we first named her "Dickens," read her story here.


Helen's Book Blog said...

Junie B Jones was so much fun to read to my daughter! We also loved Jamie Lee Curtis' books. When I was young, the Laura Ingalls Wilder books were my favorites!

Ginnie said...

My favorite, as was my Mother's, is Beatrix Potter. Her life, as well as her wonderful collection of animals, fascinates me.
Strangely enough my 2nd choice is Maurice Sendak and his "Wild Things" are about as far from hers as you can get.