Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update post ~ as I complete Once Upon a Readathon

1.  I set a GOAL of reading from one or more of these books during the three days of this readathon (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday):
The Dalai Lama's Cat ~ by David Michie, 2012, fiction (India)

Under Fishbone Clouds ~ by Sam Meekings, 2009, fiction (China)

The Death of Fidel Perez ~ by Elizabeth Huergo, 2013, fiction (Cuba)
I am almost through with the 410-page novel Under Fishbone Clouds, set in China.  Therefore, I think I met my goal nicely.

2.  We were instructed to "post the button on the SIDEBAR to spread the word and so you don't forget."
Check, I did that.
3.  "Make sure you do at least one UPDATE POST."
This is my update post (and I went back and added this link to my original posting about goals)
4.  "Participate in at least one challenge."  Here are the THREE MINI-CHALLENGES I participated in:
Cover2CoverBlog ~ on Monday ~ about two books choices and a character I'd like to meet.

BookBFFs ~ on Monday ~ about how I met my Book BFF.  Here's a more recent photo of her.

Dizneeee's World of Books ~ on Wednesday ~ about favorite genre, book, and character.
I reported my wrap-up post here.


Helen's Book Blog said...

I hope a review of this book is coming soon, I am really looking forward to finding out what you think of it

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I'll be sure to do it, Helen, just for you. I found it a bit frustrating in the beginning, trying to keep up with who we were following and what year it was. I may wait to write my review until I've talked with my friend Jane who recommended the book to me. That way, I may be able to include some of her thoughts, since she doesn't blog about books.

Julie said...

I only got to complete one challenge, but I finished reading two books that I was in the midst of, finished another, and started another - but it was a lot of hours of reading in those 3 days! You did great!