Friday, July 24, 2009

The View from Thursday

This was the view out my bedroom window yesterday. The sun was just right and the crepe myrtles won't stay in bloom forever, so I took this shot so I can enjoy it even on gray days.

The title of this post is an allusion to one of my favorite YA novels, The View from Saturday by E. L. Konigsburg, 1996.

The four sixth graders Mrs. Olinski chose for the Academic Bowl became a team by doing such things as having tea together. Yes, tea, as in tea party (see the book cover). As they prepare for the big day, the reader learns about a variety of things, such as the difference between diversity and multiculturalism, taking risks, being resourceful, saving threatened sea turtles, and calligraphy. One character retired from education because students stopped asking "Now what?" and began asking "So what?" Oh, and did I mention that their teacher is paraplegic and in a wheelchair? Because Konigsburg is such a masterful writer, I learn from this story as I enjoy being in the company of such enterprising children. One reviewer, a teacher, had this P.S. for teachers: "Excellent book to use for voice, point of view, and repetition in a story."

I seem to be reading lots more than I manage to write about, though I've started several book reviews that aren't yet complete. And here I am writing about a book I have read several times, but not recently. Oh, well, this Newbery Medal winner is worth mentioning because it's that good.

Rated: 9 of 10, an excellent book


June said...

Crepe Myrtles are gorgeous...sadly, their season is relatively short up here.

Bookfool said...

I love this author, but I honestly can't remember if I've read this book or not. It sounds familiar, but did I read the cover? Yeesh. I'll call it temporary amnesia.

Stephanie said...

I haven't read this one. I love Newberrys. I haven't read one yet that I've disliked. Will have to pick this one up soon!!

Gorgeous picture, by the way!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thanks, Stephanie, but I can see (especially when I click to enlarge the photo) that I should have gotten on the OTHER side of the screen to take that picture.