Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meet my newest friend Chico

When I go walking, I talk to all the neighbors who are outside and seem friendly, and there are lots of them in my part of town. This green parrot lives on the street directly behind my house. I was visiting Lynn, my new friend who happens to be Chico's next door neighbor, when she heard Chico talking in his yard. We slipped through the trees and bushes so I could meet him, and I think he likes me! When I later suggested to someone that he probably liked the jungle on my shirt, she said it was obvious he was enjoying the company of another word person.


June said...

Sounds like he might have something to say at one of your book club meetings :-)

Unknown said...

He looks like he enjoys a good chinwag! :-)

Sara said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog---yes, I do see that we have parrots in common. But your bird looks more relaxed than mine!