Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kersplatypus ~ Cady's review

This 2003 photo from Taronga Zoo in Sydney shows the world's first platypus twin puggles born in captivity. Cute, aren't they? Well, maybe not, but definitely interesting. Kersplatypus is a picture book by Susan K. Mitchell about a lost baby platypus who became a person of interest to Brushtail Possum, Kookaburra, Wallaby, Blue-Tongued Skink, and Old Bandicoot. Setting out on a walkabout, they tried to figure out where he belonged.

The possum noticed fur on his body and claws on his toes and decided he must belong in a tree. When he tried to climb a tree, he fell KERSPLAT. Kookaburra noticed the webbed feet and duck bill and thought he should fly, but when he tried that ... you guessed it ... KERSPLAT, once again. And so it went, with the various creatures trying to help the funny looking animal. When they came to water, however, the little creature was at home. He splished and splashed and dipped and dove ... and saw something familiar swimming his way. "Mama!" cried Platypus.

Cady, my granddaughter and assistant book reviewer, sent me two reviews at the same time, back in April. First she reviewed And Tango Makes Three (short and sweet), and then she tackled Kersplatypus. From what she wrote***, I'd say she likes the book, wouldn't you?

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Though Cady didn't mention the educational section in the back of the book, I know she read it. That's where children, parents, and teachers can find
Fun facts about platypuses

Information about all these animals: platypus (fur and duck-like bill), brushtail possum (fur and prehensile tail), kookaburra (feathers), wallaby (fur), blue-tongued skink (scaly skin), and bandicoot (fur)

Animal classification: bird, mammal, reptile, fish, amphibian, or insect

Discussion questions, such as "Who were the animals that were most helpful to the baby platypus?"
Kersplatypus ~ by Susan K. Mitchell, 2008, picture book for children
Rated: 9/10, an excellent book

*** In case you have trouble reading Cady's pages or can't enlarge them, here's what she wrote:
Cady's Book Review:

By: Susan K. Mitchell.
Illustrated By: Sherry Rogers.
I thought that the
story was so interresting
I felt like I was the
platypus in the story.
Or I could of felt like
one of the platypus
es friends. The blue
tounge skink would
laugh, laugh, laugh
every time the
platypus would mess
up trying to find
his home. I am
truely amazed by
this book that I want
everyone who reads
this letter to read
read, read till you
feel that you are
becomming the
charecter in your

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