Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Salon ~ bus trip

My life outside books

Road Trip
This afternoon, ten folks from the Crown Center (counting our driver) went out to eat at Rib City.  I got pulled pork, baked potato, BBQ baked beans, and fried okra as an appetizer with ranch dressing.  Restaurants now have such large servings that nearly all of us came home with leftovers for tomorrow.

Green plants
My friend Joan is moving back to Montana next Saturday, and her green plants now have a new home ― mine!  Not shown are the ones that hung down from the topmost bookshelf almost to within reach of Clawdia on the floor.  Those have been cut back and put in water to root.  One plant (on the right) has been repotted, since it was root-bound and needed more space.   I'll buy other pots for some of these and for the plants being rooted.  Access to the kitchen counter and to this counter between the table and the sink have been blocked from an inquisitive cat who wants to sniff and taste these green things.  Thanks to Joan for these oxygen providers.

My life in books

Here are the books I've completed since my last Sunday Salon two weeks ago, when I mentioned the first book on this list:
  • Secret Sister ~ by Emelle Gamble, 2013, fiction, 9/10
  • Whisper My Secret: A Memoir ~ by JB Rowley, 2012, memoir (Australia), 8/10
  • The Art of Crash Landing ~ by Melissa DeCarlo, 2015, fiction (Oklahoma), 7/10
  • Ask Him Why ~ by Catherine Ryan Hyde, 2015, fiction, 8/10
  • Beneath the Surface ~ by Heidi Perks, 2016, fiction (England), 10/10
  • Enzo Races in the Rain! ~ by Garth Stein, 2014, children's, 8/10
  • Girl at War ~ by Sara Nović, 2015, fiction (Croatia), 8/10
  • The Jesus Sutras: Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity ~ by Martin Palmer, 2001, religion, 8/10
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Helen's Book Blog said...

I am so bad with plants; they die in my care. It's a talent I wish I was better at, but I haven't made any effort to improve. That's great that there are shuttles to take you and the other residents places.