Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Five ~ I can see clearly now!

Today's Friday Five suggestions are from 3dogmom:
"My husband had cataract and corrective surgery this week, and he is giddy with excitement as he experiences restored vision.  Listening to his enthusiastic proclamations related to his sight made me think about our senses, and what excites us about the experiences we enjoy through them, inspiring today’s Friday Five."
1.  A sight or view that brings me continual pleasure
My new kitty sitting out the window or napping in the sun.  That's her in the photo above, sitting in the window AND in the sun.

2.  A sound that brings me joy
Mozart's Bassoon Concerto.  Although no concert band or orchestra I was in performed this one, I did play bassoon once upon a time.  The solo begins 1:55 minutes into this video.  If the video quits working, view it at YouTube:
3.  A taste that I savor
Fried okra the way my mother used to make it.  I have okra on my grocery list right now.
4.  A smell that brings me comfort
Hyacinths.  When we moved into my grandmother's house after she died, my dad built our sandbox beside hyacinths my grandmother had planted.  When I smell hyacinths, I'm transported back to that spot, remembering my grandmother, the old family home, and the feeling of warm sand.
5.  A tactile experience that surprised me
"Surprise" is the key word here for me.  I can think of lots of things I like to touch, like the soft fur of a cat.  But something surprising?  The only thing that comes to mind is when I first touched a snake.  I was a child, so I only remember being surprised its skin was not slimy or scaly.  Just smooth and soft.


PKLM said...

Love the sharing of memories - especially the sandbox one!

Barbara Falconer Newhall said...

I'm about to get my cataracts done. I resisted for a long time, but now I'm excited. I might just maybe be able to see better than I have since age 10, when I got my first glasses. We'll "see."

altar ego said...

Isn't it amazing how a smell can transport us? How lovely that you have those memories to connect a piece of your own story with that of your grandmother's. Thanks for playing!