Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Books for my great-grandbabies

When I visited them last week, I took my 7-month-old great-grandsons Micah and Jonathan a couple of books (the first two below).  My friend Donna gave them the one about reading in bed.

Toes, Ears, and Nose! ~ by Marion Dane Bauer, illustrated by Karen Katz, 2003, children's lift-the-flap board book
Baby is bundled in a mountain of clothes.  Peek under the flaps of clothing to discover toes, ears, nose, and so forth as baby learns about the body.
Inside my boots I've got
[lift the flap to see] toes,
and beneath my scarf is a
[lift the flap to see] nose!
Itsy Bitsy Spider and Other Rhymes ~ illustrated by Samantha Meredith, 2015, children's board book
This colorful collection of classic nursery rhymes includes Humpty Dumpty, Three Blind Mice, Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Bo Peep, Five Little Ducks, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, plus several others.
Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed ~ by Eileen Christelow, 2014, children's board book
After their mama reads to them, it's bedtime for the Five Little Monkeys. But they can't resist reading just one more book ... or three! Soon Mama is so tired of trying to get her monkeys to quiet down and go to sleep, she picks up their books and takes them with her. At last, the monkeys are ready to settle down ... until they hear strange sounds from down the hall. Could it be that Mama likes to read in bed, too?

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