Thursday, June 18, 2015

BTT (#49) ~ vacation

Today's prompt from Booking Through Thursday:
"When you travel, do you bring one book with you?  Or a pile of them?  And, is that pile still a load of paper to lug around?  Or do you use an e-book reader like a Kindle or your iPad to help carry the load?  (Because, even if you prefer paper, it can get heavy when you’re traveling!)"
I haven't yet traveled with the Kindle I got recently, but I can report that I always take more than one book because (1) it would be terrible to finish a book and not have another on hand, and (2) it would be just as frustrating if I weren't in the mood for a particular book (say, nonfiction that I'm reading for a class) and really wanted to read another (say, light fiction because I'm tired).  It could also go the other way, that I don't want to focus on a story line, but want something short to read for a few minutes.

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