Monday, March 2, 2015

Lunch today at the Circle@Crown Café

Bev rings up Donna's order of hot spiced cider
Today was opening day of the Circle@Crown Café, a sort of practice day as Jean and her crew get the kinks out of the system.  Donna and I went, of course.  They aren't yet serving everything that will be on the menu, but we each had a half-sandwich (hers tuna salad, mine egg salad) with a choice of breads, a banana, and a drink.  Actually, Donna also went back for hot spiced cider, after we studied the menus for breakfast and for lunch, posted on the chalkboards.

We can report that the food is good, it's kosher, and the Crown Center residents are excited about this opening.  Best of all, the people are very friendly, as you can see by Cheryl's broad smile.  That's nothing new, since all the volunteers and employees I've met since I moved here are all wonderful people.  Now we can meet friends for lunch in our own café without leaving the building.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that we now have wi-fi on the ground floor, with comfy chairs off to the side of the tables in the café so we can use our laptops there, if we like.  Isn't this a great place to live?