Thursday, March 26, 2015

BTT (#46) ~ carrier

Deb's question for today's Booking Through Thursday:
Do you carry a book around with you?  Inside the house?  Whenever you go out?  Always, everywhere, it’s practically glued to your fingers?  (And yes, digital books very much DO count as long as you’re spending time reading on your Kindle or iPad and not just loading them with books that you never actually read.)
Yes, I usually have a book with me, something to read if I'm stuck waiting for someone.  Next week, I am scheduled to take a friend for oral surgery, so I know I'll need to have a book with me there.  I don't always take along a book when (for example) I'm meeting someone for lunch, since I also enjoy people watching and spending time pondering life's imponderables.  But when I expect long waits, I always take along something to read.  For that, I'd choose a book with short chapters or maybe a magazine that could be put aside when the person arrives.


DawnTreader said...

With a Kindle app on my phone I'm never really without anything to read now if I get stuck waiting :)

Literary Feline said...

When we go to Disneyland next month, I imagine I will leave my book behind. Even though I anticipate long lines, I have a 4 year old to keep entertained. So, yes, there are definitely times when having a book isn't necessary. I might have one in the car though . . .