Friday, March 6, 2015

Beginning ~ with a Christian felon

Kind of Kin ~ by Rilla Askew, 2013, fiction (Oklahoma)
"Your grandpa is a felon," Aunt Sweet said.  "A felon and a Christian.  He says he's a felon because he's a Christian.  Now, what kind of baloney is that?"  She jerked the bib strings tight around Mr. Bledsoe's neck.  The old man coughed.  "Sorry..."
That beginning is different.  Yes, I wonder what's going on, and this summary of the story gives me a clue or two:
With the passsing of a new state law, it becomes a felony to harbor an undocumented immigrant in Oklahoma.  So when Robert John Brown, a churchgoing family man and respected community member, is caught hiding a barnful of migrant workers with no papers, he is arrested and sent to prison.  Meanwhile, his ten-year-old grandson Dustin tried to help the sole escapee of the raid reunite with his family, and his granddaughter, Misty, is struggling to raise her daughter alone after her husband, an illegal immigrant himself, has been deported.  Then there's Brown's daughter Sweet, who finds her life unraveling:  her father is refusing to speak in court to defend himself, her nephew is missing, her niece is in need of shelter, and the stress of it all is destroying her marriage.

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Katherine P said...

The beginning definitely makes way more sense with the blurb! Sounds like it could be an interesting read. Hope you're enjoying it!

Lisa Ks Book Reviews said...

This one sounds very profound. Not sure it is a book I would have picked by cover alone though. Click on my name for my Beginning and 56.

Elizabeth said...

That is a crazy intro! It does make me want to read what else has come out of this author's mind. Here's my post:

Sandra Nachlinger said...

Sounds like there's lots of trouble -- more than enough to make a good plot! The book's beginning makes me curious.
My Friday post features WILLOW VALE.