Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five ~ green and evolving

RevKarla @ RevGalBlogPals brings us today's "theme-less" Friday Five:  "Hi gals and pals ~~ Happy Friday to you!  I don’t have a theme this week, but just a variety of questions for your writing pleasure … Have fun!"

1)  How are you?  What’s taking up your mind-heart space these days?
I've been de-cluttering by packing up books and taking them to the used book store for cash and/or trade.  The trick is to come home without picking up MORE books.  Slowly, slowly, my apartment is looking less cluttered.
2)  It’s St. Patrick’s Day on Monday ~~ will you celebrate or give a nod to it?
I noticed my shamrock-green tee-shirt hanging in the closet the other day, the one I wear on March 17th — and sometimes other days of the year.  Yep, I'll wear it again this Monday.  As a wordsmith with ancestors from the emerald isle, I usually tell people that "I speak fluent blarney."
3)  My colleague is a voracious morning reader of blogs, online news, articles, etc.  What, besides RevGalBlogPals, do you look at frequently, if not daily?
I have a blog list on the sidebar (look over to the right).  That's where I list blogs I regularly read and add new possibilities all the time.  I only read the ones that appeal to me on a particular day, so when I notice I haven't been reading one lately at all I simply delete it from the sidebar.  It's an evolving list.
4)  I got nothin’ here.  This is a free for all.  Just tell us something!
Something.  Oh, right, SOMEthing.  I didn't see this Friday Five prompt until late in the day, which is why I'm posting it so late tonight.
5)  Use these words in a sentence or two:  map, magazine, sing, baby sloth, knit, penguin, love, weep, mountain, and messenger bag.
The magazine article detailed how to knit a cute penguin or a baby sloth to attach to my messenger bag.  Before we map out our trip, I'd love to tell you to sing my praises, but the resulting big brown blob of yarn was more like a shapeless mountain and would make you weep.

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