Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Random Five ~ things you love

Revkarla brings us today's Friday Random Five:  "Happy Valentine’s Day!  Tell us about five random things that you love."

1.  I love my great-grandson Jaxon, who helped build his first snowman a couple of days ago.

2.  I love my great-granddaughter Raegan, who posed as a princess after that same snow storm.

3.  I love punny stuff, like this birthday card by Sandra Boynton.
Hippo birdie two ewe
hippo birdie two ewe
hippo birdie deer ewe
hippo birdie two ewe
4.  I love words.  Read about the connection between this cat and the word "inveigle" that I posted last November.

5.  I love books and share that love with other book lovers on this book blog.

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