Friday, September 27, 2013

Beginning ~ with a beveled-glass door

Clara and Mr. Tiffany ~ by Susan Vreeland, 2011, fiction (New York), 8/10
"I opened the beveled-glass door under the sign announcing Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company in ornate bronze.  A new sign with a new name.  Fine.  I felt new too."
Who's this "new" person?  That's what this first paragraph makes me want to know.  She — I assume it's Clara because of the title of the book — looks around the showroom as she enters and notices:
"It was the oil lamps that bothered me.  Their blown-glass shades sat above squat, bulbous bases too earthbound to be elegant.  Mr. Tiffany was capable of more grace than that."
So now I wonder if she knows him or merely knows ABOUT him.  This book is off to a good start, in my opinion.

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Joanne P (Booklover Book Reviews) said...

What a charming opening, and I love the writing style - I would keep reading!

Catherine Healey said...

This book received good reviews when it was published. As a lover of historical fiction, it sounds like my kind of read.

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JC Jones said...

What a great cover and the beginning matches. Here is my
Book Beginning at Mixed Book Bag

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the cover and the beginning is quite intriguing...very catchy.

THANKS for sharing.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

Whenever I think of Tiffany glass I think of Antiques Road Show since I've seen so much Tiffany glass on it! This sounds like a lovely book

Ginnie said...

I've always enjoyed Susan Vreelands books and just finished reading "Clara and Mr. Tiffany". I didn't think it was her best but was interested in the topic.
I'm glad I didn't live in those days