Friday, April 20, 2012

Kiki's birthday

Twelve years ago, Kiki was born in a veterinarian's office.  First, she went to live with Carol, who eventually decided I needed a cat.  When Kiki came to live with me, she was thirteen months old (to the day) and was a small, mostly white mama cat.  I brought her home on the same day her last two kittens went to a new home together.

Kiki was white everywhere except her "points" face, ears, feet, and tail because she's a tabby-point Siamese cat.  Over the years, the tabby coloring spread, until it covered almost everywhere.  In these photos, you can still see the white under her chin.  The blue of her eyes is part of her Siamese heritage.

Happy birthday, Kiki.  It's Caturday, one day before Saturday.


Helen's Book Blog said...

A great pet is a wonderful thing! How fun that you have had Kiki for so long

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Kiki got a bird feeder for her birthday, and its two hangers supply birds with seeds and suet. It's outside her bedroom window, waiting for the birds to find it. Here's where she wished for a bird feeder of her own: