Friday, April 27, 2012

From here to there ~ writing prompt

The prompt at Weekend Wordsmith this week is "from here to there."  This globe shows how close the state of Maine is to the continent of Africa, but the words make me think of my friends with "interesting" spacial problems.

When we first met, my friend Donna told me that, if she ever says "turn right," I should probably turn left, instead.  A few days after that advice, we were on our way to or from a restaurant and she said, "Turn right."  (Honestly, I'm not kidding!)  I did, and we were on our way up a ramp to an expressway and had to go miles to the next exit before I could get us turned around and back to where I goofed by taking her advice.  That experience did make me a believer, and I learned to question her driving directions.

My friend Ginnie is so spacially challenged that she doesn't drive out of a parking lot until she sets her GPS.  Since she hears the device's female voice so regularly, she has named it Jill.  I've been with her often enough to know that Jill always waits too long to give Ginnie instructions at one particular location, so I tell Ginnie to move into the left lane half a block before we hear Jill say, "Make a left turn onto XYZ street."  If Jill ever quits working, I could apply for her job.

What about you?  Do you have any good "from here to there" experiences to share?


Helen's Book Blog said...

Driving home from NYC in college, late at night our car broke down on an overpass bridge in Bridgeport (not exactly the safest town in Connecticut). We were rescued by 3 men who spent hours through the middle of the night, getting us and our car to safety, calling our college friends to come get us, and waiting with us until 2am until they were assured that we were safely on our way home. All they wanted in return was a letter to their pastor saying what they had done.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Good story, Helen. Thank you for sharing it.