Friday, May 23, 2008

Read All About It! ~ by Laura Bush and Jenna Bush, 2008

Read All About It! ~ by Laura Bush and Jenna Bush, 2008, picture book, 7/10

Tyrone doesn't "prefer" books until one day during story hour he actually listens and discovers he likes it. Characters from the books begin to come alive, but the way the story is written, it's not exactly clear how "alive" they are. For example, "Jasper -- a real ghost -- appeared." A real ghost? Then Ben Franklin "stepped into our classroom, flying a kite" and "a fire-breathing dragon flew in the window." When a pudgy pig sat down next to Tyrone on the reading carpet (see the book's cover), it wasn't as a character from the story Miss Libro was reading to the class. No, this pig ate school lunches and had to be taught manners. When the characters step out of character (pun intended), it isn't clear that they only "come alive" within their OWN stories.

The point of the book, though, is that Tyrone does learn that books are more interesting than he had realized. It's for that reason that I rate the book as highly as I do.

Rated: 7/10, a good book

Note: Cady hasn't seen the book yet, but I have sent her an email telling her that I have it for her. Look for Cady's review in the near future.

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sarala said...

I have a personal prejudice against books that clearly have gotten published because the author is some kind of celebrity. I always ask myself if the book would have gotten in the front door if the author was an unknown.