Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paul Von Ward

Hi Bonnie,

I have just linked your blogspot to the Reincarnation Experiment under the Book Review section. If you post the photo of us on your site, I'll also add it to the website.

Thanks again for your time and attention to this book, Paul

Paul Von Ward

The trouble with asking someone to take a photo with my cell phone is that they don't always know what they are doing ... even when I explain. If you think that top photo was bad, look at the one at the bottom. Two fuzzy photos from Saturday, when I met Paul Von Ward. (Paul, don't bother uploading these; we can try again the next time we meet.)

I reviewed his book The Soul Genome on Saturday before going to hear him speak at a meeting of CHIONS, The Chattanooga Institute of Noetic Science.

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Dewey said...

Ha ha, in that second one, you even look like you're in the middle of explaining. Only from the quality of the photo, it looks like you're saying, "Now, be sure not to wave the phone around wildly in huge sweeping arcs, as that may diminish the quality of the photo."