Thursday, January 16, 2020

Craziest books I've ever seen

Bathroom Guest Book: Please Sign In While Sitting Down ~ by Knock Knock, (no date), humor
No ordinary guest book, Knock Knock's throne-room tome offers provocative prompts and ample doodle space to help your guests express themselves for posterity.  Unique housewarming gift becomes a one-of-a-kind keepsake.  Amazon has a video showing possible doodles.
Here are some of the pages, just for laughs.  Click to enlarge pages for easier reading.

Oh, my!  When I looked up this book on Amazon, I learned that people who buy this book also have bought others like it.  Really?  And I never knew such books existed?

The Bathroom Guest Book ~ by Jack Kreismer, humor, 2000
This one has "Privia" to read, like this:  "The Scott Paper Company, makers of the toilet tissue, once conducted a survey which concluded that more than two-thirds of people holding master's degrees or doctorates read in the bathroom."
Our Restroom Guest Book: Something to Do While You Do What You Do ~ humor, 2012
Each page includes hilarious checkboxes including  things like:  favorite name of bathroom, rate your experience, and check all that apply.  I like the "How do you hang yours?" question about toilet paper:  Over, Under, or Lazy.
Do I plan to buy any of these?  No, but they are good for a laugh today.

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