Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Salon ~ Clawdia's gotcha day

Clawdia moved in with me exactly two years today.  She was scared and scrawny, as I mentioned last year.  This photo proves she has taken over.  Tonight, I was stretched out on my bed tapping away on my laptop, when she decided I wasn't paying attention to her and remedied that by stretching across me, positioning herself between me and the offending machine that took my attention away from her.  She wanted to go for another walk in the hallway, and I kept telling her we'd already been and I wasn't going again tonight.  Didn't matter; she wants what she wants!

Books completed since last week

64.  Burning Sky: A Novel of the American Frontier ~ by Lori Benton, 2013, fiction (New York), 9/10
"That was my place for hiding books."  "Why did you need to hide them?  Did your parents disapprove of your reading?"  "Oma did not like it.  My grandmother," she explained ... "She would hide my books if she found them lying about, so I hid them from her.  Oma thought reading another word for idleness.  I was going to the lake to read when the warriors found me" (loc. 778).
65.  The Jericho Iteration ~ by Allen Steele, 1994, 2013, fiction (Missouri), 10/10
"So ... what high school did you go to?"  It's an old St. Louis line, akin to asking a New Englander about the weather" (loc. 1373).
Newest books I've bought
  • A Shift in Time: How Historical
    Documents Reveal the Surprising Truth about Jesus
    ~ by Lena Einhorn, 2016, religion
  • The Physician ~ by Noah Gordon, 1986, fiction
  • Dawn: Book One of the Xenogenesis Trilogy ~ by Octavia E. Butler, 1987, fiction
  • Before Ever After ~ by Samantha Sotto, 2011, fiction
  • Escape ~ by Carolyn Jessop, 2007, memoir (Utah)
Library books
  • The Science of God: The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom ~ by Gerald L. Schroeder, 1997, religion/science
  • The Genesis Enigma: Why the First Book of the Bible Is Scientifically Accurate ~ by Andrew Parker, 2009, religion/science
  • Angels and Ages: A Short Book about Darwin, Lincoln, and Modern Life ~ by Adam Gopnik, 2009, history
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Helen's Book Blog said...

Clawdia has been a wonderful addition, I'm sure. She sounds like my poodle, Charlie, who gets up in the night to go out. He wins every time.