Thursday, March 2, 2017

Snowball fight

Half an hour ago, I got this text message from my friend Beth with this photo of her:
"Do you want to have a snowball fight?"
My daughter Barbara immediately replied:
"Umm, I believe you'd win since we'd be without ammunition!"
But I wrote back:
"I'd love to.  Where are you?  I'll be right there."
Hey, Beth and I are still young at heart!  Maybe our children aren't old enough yet to see the logic of a virtual snowball fight.


I later sent this photo and text:  "I threw this, but I think I missed you completely.  Wherever you are, keep having fun."

My friend and neighbor Barbara (not my daughter) has joined the fray!  "I'm in for a snow ball fight too.  Where and when?"  I wrote back:  "The fight is on!  Yee-haw!"  I've already thrown virtual snowballs at Beth and Barbara.  Do any of you readers want to join in?  Send a photo, if you have one (or can find one), and I'll add it to our gallery in the post.  My email address is on the sidebar, and I'm serious.

Oh, now the fight is picking up!  Helen left a comment:  "I love that!  Someone will probably create a game soon where you can heave snowballs at each other for real ... virtually of course, but I like your method better."  I threw this snowball at Helen.

And Barbara added a photo when she sent this message to some of our mutual friends:  "Bonnie started this.  Throw her a snowball!"

WHOP!!!  Ooooo, that one got me!

Good shot, and the best thing about virtual snowball fights is that it doesn't hurt a bit.  I'm not even feeling cold.
The one with good aim was Helen.  She sent that one flying, saying, "I am not very good at making snowballs since I live in southern California, but I hope I hit someone."  You did.  Me!  Was it beginner's luck?

And one more!  This snowball fight of ours has garnered attention in the Friday Festival of the RevGalBlogPals blog.  No one from there has thrown a snowball, but they got our invitation.  I guess that makes us famous.  Or something.
"Bonnie takes time out for a virtual snowball fight, and invites you into the fray, at Bonnie’s Books."

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I love that! Someone will probably create a game soon where you can heave snowballs at each other for real... virtually of course, but I like your method better