Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TWO on TWOsday 2/2

Hippos Go Berserk! ~ by Sandra Boynton, 1996, children's, 8/10
"One hippo, all alone, calls two hippos on the phone."  So begins Sandra Boynton's classic counting story.  Exuberant hippopotamus guests show up in ever-increasing numbers, until an all-night party is inevitable.
Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind ~ by Judy Finchler and Kevin O'Malley, 2006, children's, 9/10
Principal Wiggins has promised to dye his hair purple and sleep on the school roof if the students read 1,000 books this year, and Miss Malarkey is determined to find the right book for every student, including this story's reluctant-reader narrator.  Winning her students over book by book, Miss Malarkey will have students loving to read in no time.
I found these two books at the library this week, read one while standing at the shelf, brought the other home to read.  Which would you want to read twice (as on 2/2, which is February 2nd)?  I'll tell you.  I wanted to read the list of books Miss Malarkey handed out to her students, which takes up a whole page in the book.  When I perused those fictitious titles, I laughed out loud.  My favorite?
"Chad Shrub: From Prince to President"
It seems this main character overcame wealth and privilege to become leader of the free world.  Only adults reading this to children are likely to laugh.  Maybe only adults of voting age in the year 2000, who remember "hanging chads."

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