Saturday, August 15, 2015

Caturday ~ introducing myself

This is currently my favorite spot.  Signed, Clawdia   >^. .^<
I've lived with Bonnie three whole weeks now, and she's only just now told me the last cat who lived with her (Kiki) used to blog here.  I didn't realize Bonnie would allow me to use her laptop to do my own thing.  Wow!  And just today, one of Bonnie's friends asked if she had taught me to read yet.  Please!  I'm six years old and have been reading for years.

Bonnie thinks she has re-named me Clawdia.  Really, though, you humans cannot articulate the correct pronunciation of my name in my own cat language because your vocal cords are not made right.  So she can call me Clawdia if she prefers, and I'll call her what I've always called all the humans in my world:  "FeedMe, FeedMe, FeedMe."  Sometimes she's a little slower about feeding me than I would like, but she'll do okay.  I just have to keep reminding her, all day long, starting usually around 5:00 in the morning.  I have to walk on Bonnie's pillow and meow a reminder that she's slept quite long enough and should "FeedMe, FeedMe, FeedMe."

My signature will be:   >^. .^<
It's a cat.  Can you tell?
It's a cat peeking over something.
Okay, the whiskers are a bit high, but it's a cat.

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