Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Readers' Workouts ~ on my own this week

Readers' Workouts is the weekly event where book lovers share workout stories, goals, successes, and challenges.

Since this is Thanksgiving week, we knew our Friday workout class would not meet.  Our leader had a death in her family and the funeral was on Monday, which meant we would miss both sessions.  So I did the exercises in my apartment, on my own.  Using a chair, as we elders do in our group, may not seem like much exercise to young folks, but it does help with our balance and steadiness.


Vicki said...

Love that you mention using a chair for balance!

One of my favorite strength training dvd's uses a chair for some leg stretching. Losing your balance is dangerous, and not only for elders. Safety is very important but most younger people don't think about that and can end up with broken bones or worse.

Good job doing exercises on your own!!

Joy said...

Cool that you're doing exercises on your own.

I use a chair to help with lunges. I don't feel in danger of falling, but it helped my form so much that it prevented knee problems.

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