Monday, June 2, 2014

Texting and tweeting ~ not very mindful

These students walking and texting are not mindful of each other or the greenery around them.  Will we have a whole generation whose only connection is through hand-held devices?  These may seem funny to us, but walking and tweeting and texting and driving don't mix.

Lots of people aren't paying attention these days.  Basically, that means they are not being mindful.  I have seen people at restaurants on their mobile devices, not paying attention to each other.  Once I watched a mother and her young child, whose feet didn't reach the floor as he sat at the table, and they never spoke during their meal.  Both were playing with their iPads or droids, or whatever they had.

My online Book Buddies are working on the idea of mindfulness this month.  Have you given this any thought?  Have you seen people so obsessed with texting that they miss what's happening around them?

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Emily said...

Yes, I have seen the lack of mindfulness in people. There is a lack of community between people and nature and it saddens me.