Saturday, November 2, 2013

Caturday ~ charge conference

United Methodists — especially United Methodist clergypersons — will understand this question completely.  'Tis the season for each UM Church to have its annual charge conference, where paperwork is completed and filed with the District Superintendent in a meeting to look at how well (or poorly) the church has done during the past year.  I may be retired, but there's no such thing as a former ordained United Methodist pastor when it comes to marrying, burying, or preaching.  Therefore, at my church's charge conference on Monday evening, copies of my "Report of Retired Pastor—2013" will be among the reports in the stacks of paper (one copy for the district office, one for the church, one for the pastor herself).

To answer Grumpy Cat's "do I have to?" question ... No, Grumpy Cat, we'd actually rather you not come to the meeting.  As for myself, do I have to?  No, technically I don't have to attend, as long as I send in my report.  But I do plan to be there — Monday evening, November 4th, 7:00 pm — yep, I'll be there.  So will these characters, apparently.


Debra said...

I didn't realize there was such a report as the retired pastor's report. I'm chuckling a little bit, perplexed a tad, and shaking my head... all at the same time.

Blessings on the Charge Conference, and thanks for including the graphics!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Well, Debra, they want to keep count (I guess) of all those we married and buried, plus all those who had to listen to us preach or do whatever we've done during the past year. Oh, yes, it really matters, doncha know? Live and learn about all that paperwork.

Ginnie said...

That is one glum cat ... he looks about as confused as I am about the whole Charge Conference.