Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Do you know me?

I'm about to post this on Facebook, to see how many people REALLY know me.  Before I tell you my answer, what do you think I love?  How much do you know me, especially those of you who know me only through my online sharing?  So often we imply that you can't possibly know much about me if you don't know me in person, but I think I know a few of you quite well.

My answer takes us to the TWO of TWOsday:
First, I love words.  As a child I loved words and wanted to know more words.  It started on the day I looked up at my uncle as he asked my cousin Nancy, "What grade are you in?"  She understood the question, I guess, because she said, "First grade."  I was puzzled and confused because I could plainly see that she was in a ROOM.  And what in the world is a "firstgrade," anyway?  I determined to learn all the words in the world.  Nancy, by the way, is four years older than I am.  As an adult, I figured that day would have been early May 1943, the day of my grandmother's funeral about a week after my third birthday; Nancy would be at the end of her first grade year in school.  My uncle was wearing a suit, and we were standing in my grandmother's living room.  I know, because I can still see my grandmother's chandelier behind his head.  Wanting to know WORDS is my earliest full memory.

Second, I love books.  Anyone paying attention can easily see that loving books is simply an extension of loving words.  My parents read to me and promised that I, too, would learn to read when I went to school.  (Notice that we could add "like Nancy.")  Though I don't remember the first day of school specifically, there were two family stories of my first day of school.  (1)  While our mothers stood around the first grade room watching, Mrs. Curry called each child up to her desk and asked, "And what are YOU called?"  Knowing I was a wordy person (see?), my mother expected me to explain that I was called "Bitsy" at home, a nickname given to me by my other grandmother because I (her first grandchild) was such a tiny baby.  But no, I simply said, "Bonnie."  And I've been Bonnie ever since.  I was never called "Bonnie" because that was the name of my mother's only sister, and we lived with her.  (2)  I came home very upset that my parents had lied to me.  I went to school, but they did NOT teach me to read that first day.  Very disappointing.  Very!
UPDATE from Facebook comments:
  • Sandy R. ~ Books
  • Jeannie C. ~ your cat.
  • Helen M. ~ reading (and she commented below:  "On FB I only said 'reading,' but here I will add:  your multiple generations of family, books, reading, religion and reading about religion-related topics, words, and Clawdia."
  • Toni H. ~ To read ....................................amor
  • Carol H. ~ Your books and cat
  • Jae Tea ~ Friends (and books and cats).
  • Donna C. ~ ("liked" books and your cat, then said)
    I'd add dinner out and study of other religions.
  • Sylvia J. ~ ("liked" books and your cat and reading)
    I could add, your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  If I have lost track and you have great-greats by now, add them.
  • Meg T. ~ Books and book clubs!
  • Stephanie T. ~ Books!!
  • Fartema F. ~ Books!!
  • Jan H. ~ Books!
  • Maggie S. ~ Books
  • Francesca O. ~ Cats.
  • Kay B. ~ People
  • Charlotte E. ~ Books
  • Barbara L. ~ Words
Kiki 1-19-12
I've known and met all of these people face-to-face except Jeannie and Helen and Jan, and I've "known" each of them online for several years.  There seems to be a consensus that I like books and reading and my cat.  Carol gave me Kiki, who died in 2012.  Kiki's and Clawdia's photos are on the sidebar, but here are a couple of other pictures I like of each of them.
Clawdia 5-26-17

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On FB I only said "reading," but here I will add: your multiple generations of family, books, reading, religion and reading about religion-related topics, words, and Clawdia.