Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TWOsday ~ tow truck

Today, TWOsday means roadside assistance TWICE.  First, Geico sent a guy to jump my car and get it started.  When the faltering power felt odd to me, I asked him to follow me to my auto repair shop, which he agreed to do.  I got out of the parking lot and halfway into the street, when my car gave up completely.  The young man re-attached his cables and box so I could back into our parking lot (out of the street) and wait ― again ― for rescue.  The second time, they sent this tow truck.

I had to pull myself up into the very high cab, using two handles inside the cab.  I did it!  Even though I'm 77 and the first step was a couple of feet off the ground and the second (and last) step another couple of feet up.  I managed to climb into that tow truck.  Now my car is at the shop, waiting "her" turn for the repairmen to get around to looking for her problem.  It wasn't simply the battery, but the fellow who jumped me off said it could be the alternator.  We shall see.  I just hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.

What?  Of course, it's a "she."  My car's name is Emma Sue Baru.  Yes, try saying it out loud a time or "TWO."


Helen's Book Blog said...

What a drag to have your car in the shop! Good thing your retirement home has a shuttle in case you need to go somewhere.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

It was the alternator, which was replaced. The battery charged up fine, and I got the car back this afternoon.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Helen, even better than our bus (which is NOT "on demand") is having friends who still drive. So I asked Donna to pick me up from the auto shop yesterday, and Barbara took me there to get my car this afternoon. Donna went along with Barbara and me, and we then drove BOTH vehicles from the repair place to a favorite restaurant, where we ate an early dinner around 5:30.