Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Exercise ~ and all that jazz

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Apparently, I can't make myself exercise alone in my apartment on a regular basis.  I need a group setting to keep myself focused.  Yesterday, I went to the Introduction to Movement, a 30-minute class.  Today, I joined the Better Balance class, which also meets on Thursdays.  Tomorrow, it will be Fitness with Melissa and maybe Fitness on Demand a couple of hours later.

Our instructors usually have music playing in the background.  The Better Balance rotation included "And All That Jazz," which I noticed because a few weeks ago a musical group performed "All That Jazz" here at the Crown Center.  The song has come up in more than one exercise group since then.  I'm loving it!

If this video quits working, view it on YouTube.


Helen's Book Blog said...

It is so difficult to exercise by ourselves so joining group classes is very smart. I've just signed up to do the Avon Breast Cancer walk in September with 3 friends/colleagues from work so we'll try to follow the training schedule between June and September.

Carol said...

I've actually never done a group class. I'm a little afraid of them, in all honesty.

Joy said...

I haven't done group classes in a long time, but I'm open to that idea. I only occasionally get myself to exercise indoors (DVDs sometimes help). I have a healthy addiction to walking outdoors and I'm milking that for all it's worth.

Ginnie said...

I wrote the following as an email but wasn't able to get it to "send" ... so here is what I wrote:

Hi Bonnie:  how nice to hear from you.  I looked at my stats and it's been one year and 4 months since we've been in contact. !!   I saw by your latest entry that you are starting an exercise program. 
Are you keeping at it?   About 15 years ago I started a regimen that I adhere to every morning.  It is the 18 warm up exercises for Tai Chi and it's been a God send for me.  I have pretty severe scoliosis and doubt if I'd be up and around if it weren't for that.
I only post every 5th day now and that is what I can handle.  I am very upset with the goings-on in Washington and feel I need to express my concerns every once in awhile but I try to post happier and more uplifting stuff too.   So I guess I will keep my blog going for as long as I can.  I really love the inter-play with other bloggers and the ones from Canada, the UK and Europe are eye-opening.

Is your sweet Clawdia still with you?  I do not have an animals although most of my friends and family members do.  I just can't afford the upkeep or the boarding if I were to travel.  Actually I enjoy living alone and am hoping I can do so for a long time.   I hope all is well in your world and thanks again for commenting.   Hugs,  Ginnie