Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mountaintop retreat

Imagine taking a break and going on a spiritual retreat on a mountaintop.  Time apart.  Time to think.  Time to ponder life and all its mysteries.  That's what I'm doing right now.  Sort of.  Okay, my mountaintop is only six stories high, inside my apartment, with a cat bent on distracting me at every turn.  But it's more comfortable than being atop Lookout Mountain with the Tennessee River in the distance.  Unlike Moses going up his mountain, I don't expect to come down with Ten Commandments.

Actually, I've had to come down a few times already, like yesterday when Theresa called from the office to say I'd forgotten to sign my rent check.  Hmm, okay, so I've had to interact with a few people.  But I'm basically taking a bit of a break, reading and writing and thinking 'bout things.  Not eating out with friends.  Not joining in the usual activities around the Crown Center.  Just chilling in my own place.  With my own cat, who insists on being fed any time she notices me and wants to go for a walk after dark.  We're good.

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