Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday Thirteen ~ Emily's visit

1.  Emily with frogs.  My friend Emily flew in for a visit, and how did I entertain her?  By taking her to my libraries.  Here she is with the reading frogs at the University City Public Library.

2.  Emily with a lion.  Around the corner from the frogs was this lion, who reminded Emily of Roary the literary lion of Lyon.  Roary became my writing partner in 2007, though he's been busy with other things for several years now.  Oh, yeah, lions are symbolic of U-City (that's University City), which has lions at the western end of "The Loop" on Delmar Boulevard.  U-City's 100 Year Birthday in 2009 was the occasion of having nine lions decorated, and this lion was decorated with pages of books.

3.  Emily in the bookstacks.  From there, we went over to the Mid-County branch of the St. Louis County Library system, located in Clayton, Missouri.  This is where I usually get my books.

4.  Emily in the history room.  The next day we went downtown to the St. Louis Public Library in the CITY of St. Louis.  I photographed Emily in front of the 1855 panorama of St. Louis that is in the history room.

5.  Emily with two books by Betty Burnett, which we found at the downtown St. Louis Public Library.  Betty is a friend of mine at the Crown Center.

6.  Emily looked up at this stained-glass skylight.  It's above the third floor of the downtown library, and I think it's beautiful.  We went to that library because I told Emily about all the wonderful architectural features in the building.

7.  Emily photographed the window over the Grand Staircase at the downtown St. Louis Public Library, but I had trouble pulling up the photo I took.

8.  Emily also visited the Crown Center's library, and I failed to get a picture of that.

9.  Emily won over my friendly little Clawdia, who likes being with people.

10.  Emily exercised inside with two Crown Center classes.  She joined me for my chair yoga class and a couple of days later attended Melissa's regular class.

11.  Emily exercised outside by walking around the Crown Center buildings when it was sunny.  She works hard at keeping her joints limber.

12.  Emily got to know some of my friends because I invited them to go with us to eat out while she was here.  And because she got to talk to them at our monthly book club meeting.  (Books, again!)

13.  Emily flew out of Lambert, the airport in St. Louis, in the early afternoon today.


Ginnie said...

That's my idea of a perfect a library and one as beautiful as that. The skylight is amazing. I just love being surrounded by books.

Emily said...

Well thanks Bonnie for posting such a lovely reminder to my trip!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

If and when I can ever get at the other photos I took, I'll add them to this post. I especially want to add the one of the window over the Grand Staircase that somehow refuses to show up in my email, though I sent it twice from my phone.