Friday, January 15, 2016

Beginning ~ with a million reasons

A Sister's Promise ~ by Karen Lenfestey, 2010, fiction
"Kate could list a million reasons why she didn't have kids.  No, more like reasons why she shouldn't have kids:  genetics, a dysfunctional family, and ultimately, the fear that she wasn't cut out to be June Cleaver or Carol Brady or Claire Huxtable.  TV moms always made it look so easy, but Kate knows better."
It's a free book right now for Kindle, which is why I got it today.  So did my friend Donna.  Maybe it will be a book worth discussing together.  Here's the plot summary:
When Kate’s little sister, Joely, refuses a medical treatment because it will leave her infertile, Kate is willing to say anything to save her sister’s life — even promising to have a baby.  Kate decides to keep her rash words a secret from her husband until she can figure out whether she really wants to be a mother.  Especially since they agreed their marriage would remain childless.  A sister’s promise and a wife’s promise: Kate must break one.  Should she risk everything she has for the unknown?

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Lady In Read said...

maybe there is a third option? maybe i will go look at in on amazon too now..